Monday, July 19, 2010

Where did the day go?

It's my first "official" day of vacation, and I feel like it has slipped away far too fast with nothing accomplished.

I had wanted to go sand and stain interior trim on the boat, but I awoke to a torrential downpour, so I stayed in bed for another hour or so.

The one thing that has been lacking on the boat is coffee. I didn't want to buy a regular AC-powered coffee maker because hopefully I'll be waking up anchored out in paradise rather than tied to a dock with shore power soon. That put me on the hunt for a percolator that I could heat on the alcohol stove.

Wal-Mart showed them online, but they were nowhere to be found in the store. Target had one, but it looked like it was made of tin and could be crushed like a Coke can. This morning I finally went to REI. Sure enough they had several to choose from. I went for the one with the insulated grip -- not burning myself is key to enjoying a cup of coffee.

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I look forward to trying it out in the morning.

While I was there I also grabbed a wetsuit for my laptop. I wish I had one to match, so we could have posed together in this photo, but you'll have to be satisfied with just Mr. Lenovo's sexy pose.

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However, most of my day was eaten up by the mall.

I don't actually go to malls if I can at all avoid it. However, a couple weeks ago the RayBan logo fell off the side of my glasses somewhere. I could care less if there was a logo on my glasses. I would actually like glasses better if they were sans logo. However, this thing was embossed in the plastic, so now there's just a big weird-shaped hole in the side of the earpiece. It makes me feel like I look like a hobo.

I checked with LensCrafters if they could fix it, but they said they don't fix logos and that my glasses were 2.5 years old, so I don't even have a valid prescription for new glasses.

I tried to resist because I didn't want to spend the money, but I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor today. She ever-so-slightly changed my prescription, and I don't know if it's that correction or if these new glasses are just so clean and unscratched, but wow, I can see really well.

I went with metal frames again. I tried to talk myself into the black plastic hipster ones, but those things never sit on the bumpy bridge of my nose right and slide down my face when I start sweating. Plus, I'm too old to be a hipster.

Somehow an eye appointment and glasses takes three trips to the mall. Seems like it should just take one, but I had no desire to walk around the mall and window shop for multiple hours at a time.

In between mall trips I did some updates on the big computer since it's been having some issues. I couldn't really do any work on it because it would say memory error, go blue screen and reboot itself every 15 minutes. I finally tracked the issue back to a Norton360 update that totally boofed to OS. Norton was aware of the issue and had a download available to fix it. I then ran a backup and made a new system disc -- just in case. It hasn't blue-screen since the fix this morning, so hopefully that issue is over, and I can get back to some video editing.

Ben bought one of those pull-up bars that you hang in a doorway last night. He's getting into Jiu-Jitsu again and wanting to work out more. I've done WAY too many pull-ups today. It's in the hall, and I try to do at least five every time I walk by it. I know I'm going to be hating it tomorrow when the soreness hits.

So now that I can see and things are wrapped up here, I'm going to head to the boat. I can't decide if I'm taking Dixie Belle or not. I hate leaving her here since I already left her home this weekend and I'll be gone to Lubbock for the wedding Thursday - Sunday. However, it's still raining on and off and waiting on a dog to poop in the rain isn't my favorite way to spend time I could be working. I think she may have to entertain herself here at the house another night or two.

By the way, I was flipping through photos from the weekend, and I'm starting to look noticeably less fat. Today starts week seven of diet and exercise. Maybe by the end of week eight the last remains of those love handles will be gone.

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