Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3200 RPMs

Hey, it finally came.

From Blogger Pictures

The long-awaited tachometer is here. I can finally put the control panel on the boat back together.

I also have a buyer lined up for the Kubota -- although he's trying to hide his entire boat project from his wife, which is never good -- but all sales are final.

I came home to find Ben watching Karate Kid on Netflix tonight. He swears that Mr. Miyagi lined up all those cars, built the fence and deck, and scuffed up the paint on his house JUST to train Daniel.

I said, that's preposterous. He would have had to build the deck and fence within a week. Ben contests that the deck and fence were freshly built and unfinished. I say, just because they were unfinished does not mean they were freshly built.

The debate raged all evening. Neither of us were able to firmly prove or disprove the other's theory based upon anything in the movie. However, we were able to agree that YOU'RE THE BEST AROUND, NOTHING'S EVER GONNA BRING YOU DOWN!

I got a book in the mail about the philosophy of Carl Jung that I have to read before my training class starts next week. Guess I'll get started on it.
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