Sunday, August 01, 2010


I actually got through my to-do list today. I feel so productive and accomplished. The living room and kitchen got completely scrubbed down and freed of clutter. The bedroom and the bathroom got scrubbed and mostly decluttered as well. There's still a couple pictures to hang and some books to put away, but for the most part it's clean.

I got all the trash cleared out of the garage and set by the curb. No, I'm still nowhere near being able to park my car in the garage, but we're taking baby steps.

I don't know what to do about clutter. I hate it, but it's a constant battle for me. I grew up in a family where we saved EVERYTHING. There was no telling when that broken piece of such-and-such could be utilized to fix something else. And yes, I've had moments where I was so thankful that I had an extra broken Roomba laying around, so I could swap out the cliff sensors or move that old DVD player into a new computer, but for the most part ... it's just a bunch of junk. My brother is worse than I am because he doesn't mind the clutter, so yes, he has a broken spare Xbox360 with all the packaging sitting behind the couch, JUST IN CASE the Xbox360 he hardly ever uses needs spare parts.

At some point I have to start paring things down to conquer the clutter. I've got to stop saving all the boxes and manuals for every piece of electronics I purchase. I've got to throw out old magazines. There's no way I could survive on a boat living this cluttered lifestyle. I need to be open a drawer and have the things I need organized and at my fingertips, not a bunch of junk crammed in there so tightly that I can never get the drawer shut again.

So yes, I need to continue de-cluttering. I've got a couple old TVs, a VCR and an entire VHS collection I need to give away on craigslist. I also need to get the boat cushions cleaned, so they're out of the house and back in the boat where they belong. But first, I shall continue with the garage. My new goal is the get the British Seagull cleaned and migrated from the floor at the front of the garage to the workbench and to get my car parked in there beside the Cobra.

Between cleaning jobs I shot a few more photos with the X1.

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From BlogPhotos
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