Monday, August 02, 2010

Farewell cable, hello jailbreak

The cable is gone. I spent years without it. I'm sure I can do it again. Although I did watch a couple hours of Shark Week on Discovery last night, that was the first time I had really watched anything in weeks. I just couldn't justify the ever-increasing price of AT&T U-verse, which has gone up twice in the past year. The price was getting a bit ridiculous considering my subscription didn't include any HD channels and I wasn't paying for DVR. First off, at this point, why are carriers even offering the non-HD channels as standard? Secondly, with no DVR, I was relying on Hulu to watch any shows I missed. Even if Hulu does start charging $9.95 a month, that's still FAR cheaper than what I was paying for this pathetic 100-channel cable package. If the cable companies don't get a clue soon, they're going to find themselves going the way of record companies and end up completely replaced by iTunes and Amazon.

The other problem with the cable is that it's useless to me on the boat, which is where I spend most weekends anyway. However, I am very excited that jailbreaking is now available for the iPhone OS 4.0.1. Now I can tether my netbook, so that I can post and upload photos from the boat instead of being stuck waiting until I get home. However, I AM without a DOUBT going to finish sanding the interior this weekend, so I may not take the computer and new camera with me due to the amount of sawdust that I have found infilitrates the nooks and crannies of EVERYTHING.

One of my many second cousins is getting married in August, so my parents and grandparents will be visiting Houston. I really hope they have time to visit the marina because I'm so excited to be able to take them out sailing.

By the way, if you want to jailbreak your iPhone, all you have to do is open Safari and visit Yep, that's it. It will download and install automatically. Then install PDANet if you want to tether a computer.
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