Monday, August 09, 2010

Grant me patience.

Yesterday I listed several items on craigslist. I know there will always be haggling when it comes to anything on craigslist, but I listed a 600w surround sound stereo for $20. The thing hadn't been used in years, and it was just taking up space with speakers and wires sitting around everywhere.

I thought I had been very clear in the posting and I had put multiple pictures of the unit in the ad, but the very first guy to respond asks if it plays DVDs. I promptly and kindly reply that it does not, but that a television, DVD player or iPod can be hooked to it.

He responds back asking for more photos or a copy of the user manual. I'm a little irritated as there are very clear photos in the ad, but I go look up the model number on Onkyo's web site and send him the link to the user manual.

About 15 minutes later a flood of email began with people wanting to buy the stereo. It was sold within the hour. I removed the ad from craigslist.

Today, the guy emails around noon saying that he has reviewed the user manual and that he will offer $15 for the stereo but not a penny more.

Really?!!! It was $20 for a stereo for which I paid $350. No, it didn't have HDMI, but come on. It took quite a bit of self control to compose a reply that only said, "Sorry, the stereo has been sold," instead of going into a diatribe about how the guy needs to get a clue.

In the meantime I'm STILL patiently waiting for my tachometer to be shipped by Rex Marine. I did break down and email them today. They said that Faria gauges were now arriving daily, and that hopefully mine would show up this week. If I'd known what a fiasco it was going to be to get a black-faced diesel tachometer I would have just gone with the white-faced gauges. Anyway, nothing to do but wait.
From Starwind 27
(What the control panel would look like if we had the tachometer. This was the original one with a magnetic pick-up that had to be returned. The white fuel gauge is just a placeholder until we can afford the $250 depth sounder that will go in that spot.)

Anyway, trying to be patient and doing more interviews for this newsletter story this afternoon. All these interviews are making me feel like a reporter again.

Back to work.
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