Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm so over I-45

Seriously, last week driving from Spring to Kemah took 3 hours. Why? Because there were three different accidents on a Saturday morning at 11 a.m. -- including one that was so bad it had the entire freeway shut down.

A week later, there's an accident at 9 a.m. It takes me an hour and a half to get down there. Then there's accident going north on my way home, so it took two hours to get back to Spring.

This is ridiculous. What are you people doing to have accidents on a one-way road with very long entrance and exits ramps?

I seriously can't deal with two-hour-plus drives to get to the boat. I can't deal with that much stop-and-go traffic on my weekends. It transforms me from a nice, considerate person who would do anything to help others into a person that is wishing death on an entire metropolitan population.

I'm praying this trend changes and it's just been two quirky weekends of more accidents than usual because if it doesn't, I'm rethinking the boat situation.

In lighter news, I got the old Kubota sold this morning to a really nice guy from craigslist. I showed him how I set up the motor in our boat, and then I took him for a spin past the boardwalk and back before heading back to Spring to get ready for my cousin's wedding. He's building his boat from scratch, so we ended up talking engineering and systems for a couple hours.

Now off to the wedding. This is cousin number three of the summer.
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