Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's marriage season

It seems all of my cousins are getting marrried off this year. We had one go in July, two are slated for August and then another in October. Of course, with Ben and myself being ship captains, I was really starting to get disappointed that not a single relative had asked either of us to marry them at sea.

Of course, most of the family is scared to set foot on the boat for fear of winding up on Gilligan's Island, but I assure you, my iPhone can navigate us home (as long as the battery doesn't die). Then there's the fact that neither of us are married, but to that I say, neither are the priests (unless you count God) that marry all the Catholics in the world.

I was all set to turn the boat into a floating one-hour chapel until I did a little research. Did you know that the entire captain-can-marry-you-at-sea thing is a myth? Yes, it was disheartening to me as well, but Cecil at The Straight Dope goes into extreme detail in explaining it all.

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