Sunday, August 01, 2010

A lazy day

It was tenant appreciation day at the marina. Free hamburgers and cookies. I saw Diver Dave's new (to him) Cal 31. It's a very nice boat. He was complaining that the upholstery was all real leather. I wish I HAD upholstery.

I really wanted to finish sanding the interior of the boat, but it was just too hot to work. In fact, after stuffing ourselves with burgers, we ended up taking about a two-hour nap in the air-conditioned V-berth before lounging in the pool for another couple of hours. Then we took a cruise up past the boardwalk and back to check out all the other boats and people watch. No, I wasn't productive, but sometimes you just have to enjoy the fruits of your labor before putting in more labor.

Dixie is a trooper. She wants to be a boat dog, but I'm worried she's going to stroke out everytime I walk her down the docks. Her tongue is practically dragging the ground as she walks slower and slower. I hosed her off about three times today to cool her down. Normally, she hates water. Today, she didn't mind.

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She was definitely searching for the shade while we were out on the water though. Sooner or later we're going to have to figure out something for a bimini.

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I have to say. It's rather nice being able to just drive down, start the boat up, and take off. I get so caught up in all the work left to do that I forget how much work has already been done.
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