Thursday, August 19, 2010

One small victory

The brake wear light on my dashboard is FINALLY off. The kicker to this story? The sensors just weren't pushing into the plugs far enough. I only had to take the wheels off the car three times to figure this out. However, these things did not want to go in. I knew the sensors themselves were all good because I'd tested them multiple times with a multimeter, but I finally had to use silicone lubricant and some serious elbow grease to get them seated all the way into their housings. However, it is done. Now aside from the fact that I need wash all the dirty handprints off the car, I can take it off my neverending list of things needing immediate maintenance.

I've been spending the rest of my evening reading about Carl Jung for my upcoming class.

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They told me it was "a little reading." It's actually a lot of reading but in a little book. Technically, it wasn't a lie.
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