Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two steps forward, ten steps back

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It was not a productive weekend. I had planned to spend the entire time finishing out the interior of the boat to have it cleaned up and cleaned out by labor day. The hope was to invite a few friends out on the water.

I made the mistake of going shot for shot with a Scott Thursday night after finished our four days of train the trainer classes. I don't drink that much to start with. I definitely don't drink like the Scottish. What's worse is that the class decided on sushi as the celebration dinner. Little bits of fish and rice a substantial meal does not make. My choices Thursday night ruined my Friday.

My new hope was to get to the boat early Saturday before it got hot to get started. We didn't make it to Clear Lake until 11:30. By the time I'd made a run to Home Depot, West Marine and Chic-Fil-A, it was 1:30. Then before I could even start the carpentry I spent two hours trying to sort out the reports from Ben and Allison that the toilet had quit flushing the previous weekend. I found a completely clogged vent and vent hose that need to be replaced. Two more things to put on the repair list.

Once I finally gave up on trying to unclog that smelly disaster, I did manage to get the trim in the V-berth sanded, the V-berth cleaned and the cushions put back in. However, that's as far as progress went because our marina neighbor Matt invited us to go out with him on his Allied Seawind for the evening. That was a welcome change from the frustration of the day. However, I felt guilty the entire time that I playing instead of working. I resolved that I would DEFINITELY get the staining done Sunday morning.

Well, we got back to the marina about 9 p.m., then went for a pizza. When we got back at 10 p.m., the air-conditioner was dumping condensation all over the v-berth, so I went up to adjust it. It didn't want to be adjusted. The fan, which hadn't wanted to start running in the first place, started squealing incessantly. At least it was squealing until the loud pop, which put an abrupt end to the life of the air-conditiong unit as well as the starboard AC power circuit, which I was unable to revive.

At this point it was around midnight, and my option was attempt to disassemble and repair the air-conditioner in the dark, then risk the port side AC circuit or suffer the heat or heave the air-conditioner into the ocean like the Incredible Hulk and go home. I decided neither was a good idea as I'd already lost a screw from one of the light fixtures earlier, so I just moved the air-conditioner out of the hatch, opened up all the ports and the companionway and hoped the breeze would cool the sauna that the boat was quickly becoming.

We might have been able to suffer through the night -- until it started raining. At that point, I packed it up and drove home to Spring.

I spent all day laying around the house watching the last season of Entourage, trying not to think about how frustrated I am with the boat.

Instead of finishing up the interior and being able to clean all the crap out of it and finally have space for people to visit and sit and enjoy the boat, that's all permanently on hold. See, the boat is now 120-degrees inside and it smells like poo. Now I've got to either take a week to repair that air-conditioner again or spend $200 on a new unit and the time to figure out and construct a method to mount it. Ahhh, but I can't even run really run the air-conditioner, new or old, until I troubleshoot the electrical system and figure out why the breaker won't kick it back on.

Once that's done, I can finally get to the smelly poo hose and vent that is so corroded that I will literally have to chisel and file out of the fiberglass to replace.

Then, maybe I'll finally be back on track to start working on the interior again.

I'm mad at myself for not being committed to the project and spending the time I should have on it this weekend, but I'm also mad at the boat for continuing to fall to pieces around me. I want the stupid mast light and anchor light to start working again without having to climb the mast another six times.

In the meantime, I've got to do my reading for my next class.

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