Friday, August 06, 2010


It's never a good morning when you look down into your nearly-empty coffee cup, and you see two large chunks of puss that you have backwashed out of your throat.

I thought this issue was resolved when I had my tonsils removed a few years back, which is not a pleasant experience as an adult. However, I guess I should have had my adenoids removed as well because lately the headaches have been getting worse and worse despite the frequent sinus rinses -- and now this. Then again, maybe my tonsils are growing back. I've heard of that happening before. It would be just my luck to have crazy regenerative lizard tonsils. I'm just so sick of being tired and run-down all the time.

The problem stems from being allergic to every plant on the planet. I do better when I spend a lot of time at the marina because it's so hot and humid, but I think my only options for an allergy free life are the north pole, Antarctica or staying more than 100 miles offshore at all times. None of those solutions are feasible or tempting at this point in my life, so I guess I'll go buy another box of Claritin and head to the doctor for my quarterly dose of antibiotics.
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