Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A wasted day

I hate being sick. I don't have time for it.

After three sleepless night, the return of the crusty eyes, and having the glands in my throat swell up to the size of pecans, I decided it just wasn't worth trying to drag myself into the office this morning. I promised myself I'd call the doctor's office when they opened, see the doc, then go in to work at noon. Nope.

Usually when I'm home, I have trouble making myself rest instead of working on all my nagging projects. Not today. I slept all day. I never even made it to the doctor's office, which is bad, because my glands are still raging. I think it's just the massive amounts of drainage that's causing the inflammation, but who knows? My only other guess would be mononucleosis, but there's nothing you can do about that. I'm probably the only person on earth who has been blessed with three separate incidences of mono. Having it a fourth time would just be ridiculous.

Last night, being overly-tired, I had become an element of destruction. I tried to straighten out a wire thing in the garage and ended up breaking it off. Then, the volume button on my phone still wasn't functioning correctly after being in my sweaty pocket all weekend, so I decided it was a good idea to spray electronic cleaner into it. The screen of my phone became a crazy multi-colored random pattern. Thankfully, electronic cleaner evaporates away pretty quickly, so a couple hours later, the phone was working again -- though still without a functioning volume button.

I'm irritated with myself for missing work, but I have to remind myself that it was always still be there tomorrow. I'm about to start some intensive training to teach our company's safety classes. It's a bit of a change from my normal routine, so I'm kind of excited about it. I was hoping to be able to teach the class to all my communications colleagues in Paris in October, but unfortunately, I won't get to do that.

One productive thing did happen today. A guy from craiglist showed up this evening and bought my old TV stand. I think it cost $99 when I bought it in college. After 12 years, I sold it for $20. That's not too bad. One more strike against the clutter. However, I'm thinking garage sale may be the next step. I need to sort through the attic, decide if I really want to keep those old albums on cassette or not, and just do it.

I'm going back to bed. I've got to get into the office early tomorrow to pick up the slack I dropped today.
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