Sunday, August 08, 2010

Weekends are too short

I'd say it was a succesful weekend although I can't believe it's already Sunday night.

Friday evening I did more housework. I washed the dog because she was stinking up the place.

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Then I scrubbed down the shower. I probably don't scrub down the shower often enough. There was enough mold in the corners that I thought I was on the boat.

Friday night I finally saw Kick-Ass. My friends have been raving about that movie for months now. I thought the previews looked terrible. It actually was pretty good. Stupid ... but funny. It wasn't the kids movie I expected it to be. It was extremely violent. Kids should not watch Kick-Ass.

Saturday I helped Nikki move out of her apartment. I'm feeling that a bit in the lower back today. We got it all moved, though. Then it was into town to pick up my college friend Kristina who was in town for some kind of hotel conference. I hadn't seen her since 1999.

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(Kristina and Nikki)

We did a bit of catching up and people watching in Rice Village. The dance floor at Brian O'Neal's was a trip.

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Rockets jersey sunglasses guy was cracking us up. The biggest question was, how did he even get into the bar in a Rockets jersey as most places have a ban on tank tops altogether.

Then we stumbled across some lost undies on the way back to the car.

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Lost undies at the marina I can understand, but lost undies in Rice Village?!!!

I got my front brake pads replaced this afternoon. I've got to edit the video this week for the DIY Porsche forums. The guys at Firestone said the rear brakes looked ok, so despite the fact that I have pads and rotors for the rear, I thought I'd hold off on those. However, my Brake Wear light is still on, so I guess I'll inspect them to see if I need to do those as well this week.

In another strike against the clutter, I got an old stereo system sold on craiglist. That makes one less thing sitting in the living room. Unfortunately I have yet to have any response on my ads for the old TVs and VHS collection. I guess even college kids have upgraded to DVD at this point.

I finally found an iPhone app for tethering that works. I installed MyWi 4.0 tonight, and it worked great. It was much faster than when we used Ben's Droid.

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From BlogPhotos

I'm off to bed. Hopefully now that all the moving and car maintenance are out the way I can spend all of next weekend on the boat.
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