Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fatty fatty moo moo

I feel like a royal fatass. Last week during training, we had breakfast, brunch, lunch, and an afternoon snack catered in to class every day. I also had two dinners out accompanied with way too much alcohol. Then I ate terrible all weekend, gorging myself with burgers and pizza rolls. Monday was supposed to be my return to civility and moderation, but after a Healthy Choice meal for lunch, I was starving when I made it to the grocery store Monday night. This resulted in me eating an entire pizza for dinner as well as half a bag of fun-size Kit Kats. However, I did struggle through 20 minutes on the elliptical afterward -- the first 20 minutes of exercise in about three weeks.

Tuesday didn't go any better. I was running late and forgot my lunch. I attempted to hit a pizza buffet in an effort to devour yet another entire pizza or two, but when I got there, the entire shopping center had been razed since my last visit. Yes, it was completely gone. There was nothing but a grated field at the site where I had gluttonized so many times before. That SHOULD have been a sign that perhaps I should find something healthy for lunch. I promptly ignored that sign and downed a double Quarter Pounder, fries and two apple pies. Then dinner was at Taste of Texas with filet mignon, shrimp and creme brulee.

So yes, I feel fat today. I had my Healthy Choice for lunch and spent the afternoon feeling as if I was starving. I will officially hate myself if I do not work out tonight.

In the meantime, my boat rage has subsided. Ben and I decided to invest $150 in a 6500 BTU window unit air conditioner. It should actually cool the entire boat instead of just the v-berth and won't further jeopardize the electrical system. My brain has been working overtime on ways to build clever enclosures for it. However, for now we're just going to set it in the companionway. The clever enclosure can be a winter project. I'm going to pick up the AC unit tomorrow and head down Friday night to install the tachometer, troubleshoot the electrical and HOPEFULLY finish my woodwork. I can have a relaxing weekend of productivity.

Along with the boat work, one of my friends from high school I haven't seen in at least 15 years may come sail with us. That should be fun.

On the downside of the week, Apple is driving me crazy. My iPhone got updated to iOS 4.0.2 on Sunday, which un-jailbroke it. That means I lost tethering ability, so I can't connect the Netbook at the boat anymore. Eventually the hackers will catch up and update their software, but today Apple announced the iOS 4.1 update, so that's going to put the hackers even further behind. However, it doesn't matter too much except for posting blogs as now there are Hulu and Netflix Apps on the iPhone, so we can watch movies directly off our phones instead of having to use the computer. Not that I've EVER watched a movie while on the boat, but I keep imagining some rainy scenario when I'd be stuck inside during a storm with nothing to do. It hasn't actually happened yet.

Another irritating thing Apple has decided was a good idea is to release a new version of iTunes that features built-in social networking. Does anyone really need yet another social network? At this point I'm still updating Facebook, barely remember to tweet, totally forgot about Google Buzz and need to get around to deleting my myspace account. For the record, I think iTunes Ping is STUPID!

One other interesting thing happened today. A co-worker showed up in my office. He was having trouble with his Porsche and turned to searching online for help. Apparently my YouTube videos helped him out and when he finally put two and two together that I was the person making the videos, he came up to thank me. That made me feel pretty good.
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