Friday, September 03, 2010

The weekend is almost here. It's got me in a much better mood because despite the rain, I'm scooping up the dog after work and heading for the boat. I also need to get some dogfood because she ran out Wednesday. All she's had to eat the past two days were bowls full of dog treats. I'm sure she didn't mind, but that can't be healthy.

Perhaps it's finally the weekend I'll watch movies in the boat in the rain. Hopefully not. Hopefully we'll be sailing, but it doesn't matter as long as I'm on the boat.

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to attempt to cook on the boat. As I still have some sanding to do, probably not. Hopefully soon, though.

I made it out to Fountainhead for open mic last night for the first time in months and months. It wasn't too bad. The band locked in pretty well on the classic rock. Then I attempted a couple originals. They pretty much murdered the chord changes. Nobody in the crowd seemed to care too much. It made it a rough morning, though. There's a reason I never stay out on weeknights anymore.

I've managed to completely piss off two different Internet forums this week. Some yuptard in the Leica X1 forum started yet another thread asking if the accessory handgrip was necessary. The handgrip does NOTHING. It has no functionality at all. It's just a $125 piece of plastic to screw on the camera to create a lip on the edge of the body. I posted that -- although perhaps not so politely. All the other poseurs jumped on me about how everyone has different hands and maybe his hands needed the grip, blah, blah, blah. I wrote back that they were all assuming I had hands when in reality I operated the Leica X1 with hooks after a photography accident involving great whites. Then I went off about how they should all stop typing pages full of bullshit about how to accessorize their cameras and go shoot some damn photos. I don't think I'm welcome back there.

Then I wandered over to where they were examining some new "bigfoot" footage someone spied in the background of a fishing video. I immediately recognized the "bigfoot" as a fisherman in khaki clothes and a baseball cap walking up the shore to a friend standing on a beached boat.

Half the forum said, ohhhhh, you're right. The other half chased me out for destroying their bigfoot footage. I'm not sure I'm welcome back there, either.

On the upside, I will now have less distractions at work.
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