Monday, October 04, 2010

Crisis averted

After a couple months of playing, I finally "just said no" to everything and everyone Saturday to get some real work done on the boat. It was a productive day. I got all of the trim back up on the port and starboard bulkheads, I got at least two more coats of varnish on everything, and I got the refurbished folding table put back up.

New bulkhead and table

This marks the end of major construction and renovation in the cabin. It is once again a clean, functional space instead of a cramped, dirty area full of tools and clutter. I can now return to annoying, time-consuming tasks like tracking wiring through crawl spaces to see why my mast lights still don't work.

Speaking of wiring, I narrowly diverted a major accident Saturday afternoon when I pulled up an access panel and found the bilge was full of water up to the floor level!

Flooded bilge

Apparently the wiring I had run from the battery to the bilge pump corroded out. I'm not sure why this happened as I used shrinky-dink connecters on all the splices, but the resistance on the wire was only allowing 4.5 volts of current to make its way to the pump -- not enough to activate it.

After bailing 9 buckets of water out of the bilge, I did what I should have done from the beginning and took the time to track all the loose wires in the bilge until I found the one that led to the bilge pump switch in the fuse panel. It was still good for 11.5 volts of current, so I hooked up the pump in the factory configuration. Why the previous owners had chopped up the wiring in the first place, we'll never know, but it's all working now.

I did notice that despite having sponged the bilge dry Saturday, it was full enough to kick the pump on Sunday after taking a trip out to the bay and back. I guess my stuffing box is leaking a bit, but I'm hoping it's not enough to worry about at the moment.

Of course, it wasn't all work all weekend. As I mentioned, we went out Sunday morning to enjoy the cool weather and to snap a few photos for Nikki's modeling portfolio.


If I really wanted to obsess over the interior I could repaint the countertop, repaint a couple walls, put in a backsplash, etc. However, I think for now I'm going to focus on getting cushions back on the couches in the salon and enjoying the boat.

Since the galley is now finished ...

Finished galley

I plan to celebrate next weekend by cooking a big breakfast on the boat Saturday morning. Then maybe we'll have some friends out Saturday night.
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