Monday, November 15, 2010

Another weekend sails on by

It was a dreary weekend in Houston. The rain started late Friday night and left a chill in the air for the first time this season. The upside to the chill was that it made spending a rainy night in the boat bearable as it would have been a sweltering sauna during the summer. It also gave me a chance to check for leaks, and it looks like we're down to just the leaky control panel, which drains straight into the bilge, so that's a plus.

I did learn the lesson that storing guitar strings on a humid boat doesn't work too well. The strings come in little moisture absorbing envelopes. Of course, when the air in the boat has too much moisture, you end up with sopping wet envelopes. The strings still seemed ok. They hadn't rusted yet, but I'll make sure to put the next ones in a ziploc.

Friday night we spent the evening catching up with one of our Marina del Sol friends and discovering that Captain Morgan's Lime Bite Rum tastes like Pledge. Honestly, we should have wiped down all the woodwork while we were drinking to see if it would shine the teak. Of course, after half a bottle, it started going down much easier.

Saturday I felt a bit like this poor guy.

Googley Eyes

However, making breakfast in the galley for the first time got me feeling better.


I had used one of the alcohol burners on the old Origo stove to test the percolator a couple months ago, but this was my first attempt at cooking. The boat didn't catch on fire, so I'd say it was a success. However, it seems that despite both burners being freshly filled with alcohol and being open all the way, the left one was a bit hotter than the right one. In fact, once the pancakes were done, I had to switch the coffee pot over to the left burner to get it to percolate. Go figure.

I'm not actually sure how much alcohol to pour into the Origo burners before use or how long the alcohol stays in the burners before evaporating off when not in use. Guess I should investigate that, so I can figure out how much stove fuel I need to carry when in transit.

Lack of alcohol burner knowledge and proficiency aside, my pancakes were still good enough to get this hungover mess out of bed.


The rain was really putting a damper on my motivation by mid-morning Saturday. The only goal I'd set for myself was to finish re-rigging the main sail. Originally, I had kind of guessed at how everything went together, so I had the reefing line run as the outhaul, and the outhaul connected to the topping lift. In between rain showers I got it all sorted and called it a day.

Of course, by the time we got back to Spring, it was a sunny 75 degrees. That doesn't necessarily mean it was sunny or warm in Kemah, but I was wishing I'd waited just a little longer before giving up because I haven't been out on the bay in over a month. However, the weather reports for next weekend are looking promising.

I didn't get much done the rest of the weekend. After over a week of debate, I finally decided to uninstall Norton 360 instead of renewing my subscription for another year. I now have AVG Free running on all three of my machines. Maybe that's risky, but Norton was too heavy to run on my old XP machine and my netbook anyway. I was also getting tired of the bloated pop-ups on my desktop that began displaying constantly a week before the subscription expired. A huge, intrusive pop-up telling me that my bank account info is probably being stolen right at that very moment because I haven't paid $70 is not the way to get me to pay $70. It just annoys me.

I counted the install of antivirus software as my productivity for Sunday and spent the rest of the weekend vegging out and watching movies. Get Him to the Greek was much funnier than I had ever expected it to be.

I also finally sent my entry to the Leica Explorer blogger contest. Will Leica arm me with their new V-Lux 2 and send me somewhere in the world to blog my adventures? Well, I certainly think they should.

For anyone else who is interested in the challenge, there's just a few days left to enter at
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