Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another 15 minutes?

I seem to be gaining a bit of notoriety as of late. I wish it was for my book, Building Business Communications on a Budget, which I published for the Kindle platform over Thanksgiving. However, nobody seems to think a window into my marketing genius would be a very good holiday gift. Oh well, maybe it will pick up in 2011.

However, I did get linked on the Leica Rumors blog yesterday for my prototype Leica X1 macro converter. Must have been a slow news day, but still kind of fun. Check it out at .

I've also had more than 700 views of my Leica X1 adapter and hood on flickr.
Leica X1 with adapter tube and lens hood

As sad as I was to do it, I actually sold them both this week to pay for continued research. I actually purchased both 135mm and 90mm Leica Wetzlar lenses from eBay in hopes of creating a true Leica macro converter.

My Leica X1 adapters and a 135mm M lens

While I LOVE the way these lenses just screw apart, so that I can disassemble and experiment without damaging them, I didn't realize M lenses were so incredibly narrow in diameter. Unfortunately, I get terrible vignetting, so I'm going to have to find a new home for these lenses and go back to using larger diameter Nikkor lenses.

vignetting problem

I'm still waiting for the square lens hoods to arrive from China. I'm dying to see how they'll look on my adapters.
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