Monday, January 10, 2011

Just a few clicks away from retirement

I try most new tech. I've got to stay on top of what's trending and look at how to integrate new forms of communication and social media into marketing and public relations.

I think it was a year or so ago (maybe longer) that I went ahead and joined Google's Adsense program. I figured, why not see how it works? Maybe this is going to help bloggers make some money. I was patient. I knew I wouldn't become a millionaire blogger overnight, but I finally checked in on it.

Yeah, it's a bit of a joke -- especially since you don't get paid until Google owes you over $100.

My retirement plan

I'm trying to decide if I should just shut it off and spare my readers the ads or if I should keep it going. I think I'll keep it going, and if I should ever reach 25 cents per day, I'll call Sally Struthers and sponsor a child with my blog proceeds.
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