Monday, February 14, 2011

Can we please stay warm for a while?

First things first. My car is finally back on the road. Celebrate it!


I didn't update it to a 997 front end because I got too scared of dealing with the fiberglass conversion parts, but it has a brand new hood, bumper and headlights. It looks amazing. I didn't realize how much I missed her -- and her EZTag. No more sitting in the change lane.

We survived another week of freezing temperatures in Houston. I don't think they even sell ice scrapers at the auto parts store here, so it took a little longer than usual to warm up the car in the mornings.

Ice Ice Baby

However, I think spring may have sprung with predicted temperatures never dropping below 50 this week. Honestly, I'm ready to be warm for a while.

I made it to the sailboat salvage yard Friday afternoon. Everything was normal as I was walking to the office, then as I rounded a late model Chevy Blazer, there she was!

General Lee

It was a '69 Charger in full General Lee uniform. My heart palpitated. The line between television and reality blurred. I had visions of Ben and myself climbing in the windows and tooting Dixie on the horn everytime we were departing or arriving anywhere and everywhere.

Unfortunately, when the salvage guy said he wanted $16,000 for it, those dreams crumbled. It's probably a good thing, though. Most women old enough to remember that show probably look terrible in Daisy Dukes. Plus, I'm trying to slowly sever my ties with land. I don't need yet another vehicle that gets terrible gas mileage, has high repair costs, and isn't big enough to get my cabin cushions to the boat.

I got back on track and wandered the yard until I found some bumpers for the Starwind. You can't imagine how much these things cost new. I paid $25 a piece for two small blue ones when we bought the boat. One of those has since gone flat, and the other one has disappeared. I was left with a small flat white one and a small flat blue one as the only thing stopping the boat from banging into the dock all day and night.

But now ...

Salvage Bumpers

Now we have quite an assortment of big and small ones hanging from the railing. It's not pretty, but it only cost me $20.

When I left about 6 p.m. the water was almost deep enough to finally go sailing for the first time since Thanksgiving. I'll be spending next weekend at the marina, so if the weather stays warm, I have high hopes we'll be on the water soon.
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