Tuesday, February 08, 2011

GreenPois0n available for iOS 4.2.1


The GreenPois0n jailbreak is now available for iPhones running the current iOS 4.2.1. The process is very easy. You download the greenpois0n zip from www.greenpois0n.com and then follow the directions. It took me six tries before it was finally successful. It will give you instructions on the screen regarding pressing the home and sleep buttons. You have to be ready and press them exactly when prompted. Other than that, it worked like a charm.

I'm not into the themes and games, but it's worth the jailbreak just to be able to use the iPhone as a wireless hotspot without tethering charges from your carrier and to enable wireless syncing with your computer.

Unfortunately, my jailbreak was shortlived. We're testing Good Messaging as a Lotus Notes client for work, and due to "security issues," it does not run on jailbroken phones.

I'm seriously considering going back to having Notes forward every email to my Gmail and abandoning Good Messaging, so I can have Internet access on my boat again.
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