Monday, February 07, 2011

Houston's Snowpocalypse Blizzaster 2011

The snow never made it to Houston Friday. However, there was ice. This was what my deck looked like Friday morning.

Dangerous Ice!

Doesn't look too scary, right? I'm sure most of the country deals with that every morning for a good portion of the year. However, it was enough to throw Houston into mass hysteria. The city came to a virtual standstill. Offices closed, schools closed, and the Harris County Toll Road system closed all toll roads for the day after officers responded to more than 100 wrecks in 4 hours.

It was claimed that the roads were being pre-treated before the ice hit. I noticed gravel on I-45 and Highway 59 through town on Saturday, but from what I can tell, not a thing was done to the toll roads. Now, how is it that I can pay $5 per day in tolls, at least 5 days a week, but the Harris County Toll Road System makes no effort to prepare for the storm. Don't tell me that it's not in the budget. Instead, they did nothing until literally hundreds of people had crashed their vehicles Friday morning.

We may hit freezing again this weekend, which definitely sets a record for the most freezes we've had in a year since I moved to Houston in 1995. We'll see if Houstonians have learned to stay off the road yet.
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