Friday, May 20, 2011

I need longer weekends

Ever since I started the boat project almost two years ago, my house has been rather neglected. I'll let boat parts and projects stack up in the living room and kitchen. I'll let the yard go an extra weekend without getting mowed just so I can spend more time at the marina.

My mother came to visit last weekend. It was great to have her, but I as I started cleaning in preparation for her visit, I realized how bad things had gotten at the house. We're talking a formal living room that looked like it belonged to a hoarder and almost two hours of scrubbing the shower floor before the tiles were white again. It was bad.

Despite taking a full day off work before she arrived JUST to clean, I still ran out of time and ended up having to pile a bunch of boat junk into my study to clear out the spare bedroom.

The good news is, the new temperature sender for my boat finally arrived. The bad news is, I really need to trim my hedges and do some more house cleaning instead of sailing all weekend. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

In the meantime, the new girlfriend adopted a Maltese named Tex from Poodle Rescue of Houston.


I wish I could say nice things about Poodle Rescue of Houston. They did have nice facilities and seemed to spend a lot of time with the dogs. However, they did not seem like very nice people. Once they had their rather exhorbitant $350 adoption fee, they actually got downright rude. I highly suggest adopting directly from a shelter or other rescue organization because they just seem to be pulling small dogs from shelters and marking the adoption fee up from $75 to $350.

Since my house is finally clean enough to have the portrait studio set up in my living room again, I'm trying to make the most of it before I have to bring all my gear back to work.

My sister came by, so I shot portraits of my niece and nephew.

The niece
The nephew

Then I helped the neighbor out with some product shots for his web site.

Sno-Cone Syrup

But too much photography and not enough boat time always gets me in trouble. The rangefinder bug started itching again. Before I knew it, I was browsing eBay. Then I was making the low bids. Then I was bidding.

I now have a Leica M3 and a Nokton f1.4 headed my way. That wasn't in the plans or the budget, but at least I'll finally know if rangefinder shooting is for me or not. Plus, I got the combo for less than the cost of a new Fuji X100 -- the fake digital rangefinder with an f2.0 -- so I feel pretty good about that.

The only downside is that it won't be here in time to shoot the Art Car Parade on Sunday.
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