Friday, June 03, 2011

Am I too obsessed with junk?

There's a fine line between a collector and a hoarder. I have a really hard time throwing anything away. There's always that chance I MIGHT need it.

Sometimes this works out. For instance, I accidentally bought a can of instant coffee instead of normal coffee, and it tasted terrible. Yet, I saved it ... just in case. I have no idea what that "just in case" was. I guess, maybe if the power went out, and we really wanted coffee so badly that we'd settle for horrible instant coffee. HOWEVER, it turns out that instant coffee is the main ingredient in Caffenol film developer, so now I can develop black and white film in it instead of drinking it, and I would have just wasted $5 if I'd had to re-buy more terrible instant coffee to do photography experiments.

However, I also still have boxes and boxes full of old toys, broken electronics, broken boat parts, etc. If I ever get around to fixing that Cruise-Air boat air conditioner in my garage, I can probably sell it for $200, but it's been sitting since last summer. We also just acquired a large inflatable dinghy that doesn't hold air.

At what point do you know when you've moved beyond frugrality and ingenuity into the realm of Sanford & Son?

Thursdays are garbage day in my neighborhood, so when I finished jogging Wednesday night, everyone had set their trash out on the curb.

That's when I saw it. A shoe. No, a chair. A shoe-chair!

It was a chair shaped like a high heel. Neither do I have a fetish for lady's shoes, nor do I need another chair in my house, but I thought to myself, that would be the perfect prop for a fashion shoot!

Of course, I'd never take something out of the trash. At least that's what I told myself for ten minutes as I stood in the front yard and stared and that enormous shoe while Dixie sniffed around.

Then suddenly, I was carrying an enormous shoe across the street.

Shoe Chair

However, I stopped feeling too terribly bad about the incident when my neighbor Gerald told me he had seen it and wanted to grab it, but his wife wouldn't let him. I told him it was all his after the photo session -- not that I actually have one lined up any time soon. But it's great to have a shoe chair. Just in case.
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