Saturday, June 04, 2011

Fighting back against the clutter

After realizing how much junk I have sitting all over my house, I made sure I did something productive with it today. I spent a couple hours in the garage working through projects. I haven't revived the British Seagull yet, but the Carry-On 5000 Cruisair Air-Conditioner is once again fully operations.



The unit was making an extremely loud screeching noise when it was retired, which made me think the bearings in the motor were siezing. In actuality, the bracket that holds the fan shroud had broken and the fan was just rubbing. All it took was a couple washer on the screws to hold them into the brackets, and voila!

Although it's ugly, these units cost almost $900 new. The question now is whether it goes back to the boat or on to Craiglist.
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