Sunday, June 05, 2011

If God had meant for man to fly ...

He wouldn't have made flight time so freaking expensive!

Mary took me flying for the first time today. I've been up in some rather small planes in Canada and Finland as well as a very small helicopter with no doors over Port Aransas. However, the closest I'd ever come to touching the controls was Microsoft Flight Simulator circa 1993.


Mary's flying turned out to be pretty solid. Her biggest challenge is that the airplane seats aren't made for short people. She took us up and landed us with no worries.


Then it was my turn.


I thought I was doing pretty well until I heard her voice crackle over the radio from the back seat asking if we could cut the flight short because my flying was terrifying her.

Ok, Ok. I'll admit I had a little trouble keeping us level resulting in a lot of rocking back and forth, but I didn't think I was doing THAT bad.

I'm sure it gets easier with practice, but flying was work. I spent the entire time nervously monitoring the altimeter and the artificial horizon making constant adjustments. My fantasies of jetting up to Kansas to see my parents quickly evaporated because flying that far would be incredibly exhausting.

Another downside to flying was that it was 105 degrees in Houston today, and the enclosed cockpit was approximately the same temperature as a sauna.

I think for now, I'll stick to sailing.
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