Sunday, June 05, 2011

Leica M3: Round 2

I got the opportunity to spend some more time shooting with the Leica M3 this week. This time I had Kodak UltraMax 800 loaded, and in accordance with advice I recieved on the Leica User Forum, I tried to err on the side of overexposure. However, once the sun went down I found I pretty much shot everything at f1.4, 1/25s.

You can see the vignetting of the Voigtlander Nokton Classic 40mm f1.4 when it's shot wide open. I don't find it unpleasant. It gives the shots sort of a signature, classic look.

Both of the Houston skyline panoramas were created from three shots. I used the Adobe Photoshop Photomerge tool to stitch them together and then the Content Aware Fill tool to fill in some of the empty space to create a larger crop area.

These photos would probably be a bit contrastier with an M9, but for 1/7 the price of just the body, these aren't too bad.





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