Thursday, July 07, 2011

Leica M3: Round 3

When we were in Old Town Spring a couple weekends ago, I ran another roll of T-Max 100 through the M3 with the Voigtlander Nokton Classic f1.4. As I mentioned before, returning to film on a camera that doesn't even have a meter was a bit nervewracking. However, it seems that taking a reading with the light meter app on my iPhone and then overexposing by 1 stop seems to be the sweet spot on this camera. I also had even better results with the Caffenol-C this time around.

Old Town Spring

Walking the tracks at sunset

The instant coffee adds a pleasant brown stain to the negatives, which can either be left for sort of a sepia look or can be removed after scanning by converting the digital image to B&W.





Girl on a train

4th of July

The M3 scans were just a bit softer than the X1 shots. That image quality loss is most likely from scanning the negatives. However, the Nokton at f1.4 created a much dreamier look with excellent Bokeh compared to the X1's Elmarit f2.8.

I'm really worried I'm about to talk myself into selling the X1 to buy an M8.

Update: Yup, I did it. I bought a used silver M8 from Gil Lavi. The X1 and the custom adapters I've built for it will be on eBay and craigslist tomorrow.
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