Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A tricky shot

With every picture I take for the r/Houston Photo Project, I meet another cool person from the Internet. My weekend ended at Brewski's Pub in Katy where I met redditor HakeemOlajuwon. While redditor pbdot's portrait was indoors with low light, there was also quite a bit of fire involved, so I wasn't worried about exposure. The dimly lit lounge at Brewki's was a completely different story. There was no light.

I set my aperture to f1.4, cranked my ISO to 640, cheated my shutter speed to 1/60s and hoped for the best.

The r/Houston Photo Project: HakeemOlajuwon

In the perfect world I would have liked to have captured this shot at f5.6 with strobes, but that wasn't an option. However, the Nokton didn't let me down. HakeemOlajuwon's bartending flair is now on record for posterity.
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