Monday, January 09, 2012

The Duaflexperiment

On my last trip to visit my parents, I came home with my great grandfather's Kodak Duaflex IV twin lens reflex camera. It's a very simple medium format camera that uses 620 film.

Kodak Duaflex IV

There just so happened to be one roll of Verichrome Pan 620 in the box that had expired in 1981. I loaded it up in the camera and headed out for the weekend.

About halfway through the roll I could tell something funky was going on with the shutter, so my expectations weren't too high when I mixed up some Caffenol-C to see what I'd captured.

This was the best of the bunch.

Kodak Experiment 03

The exposures got worse from there as everything got blurrier and blurrier as the shutter apparently stuck longer and longer.

Kodak Experiment 01

Kodak Experiment 02

Kodak Experiment 04

Kodak Experiment 05

Kodak Experiment 06

Kodak Experiment 07

Kodak Experiment 08

I think I'll keep my eyes open for another medium format camera, and the little Kodak will remain decor on the bookshelf.
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