Monday, January 16, 2012

Have you done any jousting lately?

One of my friends gave me a call Friday afternoon and said, hey, if you're not doing anything tomorrow, they're jousting out at the barns.

Now, I'd seen jousting at the Texas Renaissance Festival in years past, so obviously the jousters have to learn and practice somewhere. However, these jousters are a bit more serious than the "theatrical" jousters at RenFest and Medievil Times. This was a big deal sport to them, and they were all getting ready for the Lyst of the Lakes Tournament in Austin.

It was a bit strange to see cowboys riding around spearing things.

Spear practice

But eventually they suited up to practice riding in armor.

Jousting practice

And by the time the sun was going down, they were facing off for practice runs.

The Faceoff

It was an interesting shoot, and I only came close to being trampled like a serf one time.

You can see all the shots on my site
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