Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Oh film, I love you but I hate you.

I ran through two rolls of black and white film in December. I'm so used to the instant gratification of digital that it's hard to wait for the results. Then again, it's part of the fun -- unless the results are bad. Then it's no fun at all.

Holey Shutters, Batman!

Every single photo I took on the roll of Ilford had these burned spots right in the middle. Apparently while I was hiking through the woods shooting my first roll, the sun was burning a hole in the cloth shutter of my M3.

I had heard that if you left your camera sitting out on a table or something the sun could damage the shutter, but I didn't realize it could happen while hanging around your neck. I guess in the future I've either got to keep the lens cap on all the time or stop down the aperture between shots.

But not everything was ruined. I found a couple photos from before the Christmas party that I forgot I'd taken when I was testing the self-timer.


And a few shots from the hike through the woods turned out.




But, I thought I'd rewound the roll of T-Max and popped the bottom plate off the camera, only to find it hadn't rewound at all. That ruined over half the first roll.

So yes, in two rolls of film, 48 shots, I got four good photos.

This is why film drives me crazy. Of course, by the time the M3 shutter gets repaired, I'll be dying to shoot some more.
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