Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Trying to save Kodak

Kodak hasn't done so hot the past few years. They sold off their sensor business last year and now their gelatine business. Looks like they'll be filing chapter 11 in the near future.

If you notice in my last post, my lovely girlfriend is holding an old Kodak Duaflex. That camera actually belonged to my great grandfather and came along with a half-exposed roll of 120 film loaded in it.

The other roll of film that was in the box with it had an expiration date of 1982 on the package, so we're guessing the film in the camera could have shots from as far back as the 1970s on it.

At lunch today I ran by Houston Camera Co-op and picked up a metal spool for developing 120 film. My goal for the week (aside from finding a new prop for the boat) is to finish shooting that roll of film, find out how to actually take it out of the camera, and to develop it.

Of course, I'm running on the assumption that it has black and white film inside. If it turns out to be color, I'll have to send it off.

Just to help Kodak I also picked up a fresh roll of 120 T-Max 100 and a couple rolls of 35mm Portra 160.

Sure, it's not going to save the company, but at least it makes me feel like I'm helping.
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