Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cutting acrylic

Now that all the functional systems on the boat seem to be working well, I'm finally moving on to the jobs that I've put off for the past couple of years. One of the big ones is cutting new acrylic for the fixed port lights. However, before I invested in some very large sheets of acrylic, I decided to start small and ordered a cheap 12" x 12" sheet of mirrored acrylic to make new sliding doors for the medicine cabinet.

I was very wary of working with plexiglass because everyone on the internet was talking about how it had a tendency to crack or shatter. Thankfully I didn't find that to be the case. Since I was working with 1/8" acrylic, I used a straight edge to score it, then easily snapped it. No problems at all. I then took the leftover pieces and practiced drilling it. No problems there either. Yes, you have to clean up your edges with some fine grit sandpaper, but it was actually much easier to work with than I expected.

Small victory, but it makes me feel better after the Seagull debacle last weekend.

I'm now more confident I can refit all my ports for only $100 instead of spending $600 for new kits from Beckson.

Current project for this weekend include adding louvres to the opening ports to keep the rain out and painting the old rust-stained counter in the galley.
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