Monday, April 16, 2012

My boat just got fancy

It took some help and encouragement from my neighbor down the pier (probably because he wanted my outboard mount), but Friday I finally pulled the ugly little kicker mount off my transom, patched the holes, and painted. Then Saturday morning the Starwind 27 informally became the Seahorse.

The Seahorse

I probably should have spent a little more time masking the ladder, but you know how things go. I'm particular and meticulous when working on other people's projects, but I get a little lazy with mine. The tape wasn't really sticking anyway.

The vinyl decals from FastSigns looked great. The background color matched up perfectly with the Pettit white semi-gloss paint, which was just a happy accident. Hopefully they won't yellow or fade in the sun.

The Seahorse

Once the boat and the slip were looking fancy, I took some time to work with OpenCPN on my netbook to make sure we had a working chartplotter.


And yes, maybe I just posted that to show off my matching Seahorse coffee mug.

The wind was gusting up to 40mph, so unfortunately we didn't get to do any sailing.

She goes to the yard tomorrow for bottom paint. Hopefully they won't find too many blisters.
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