Monday, April 23, 2012

No more jokes about my dirty bottom!

It's been almost three years since we bought the Starwind 27. With all of her systems working, it was time to bite the bullet, spend the money and address the big unknown -- what did her bottom look like?

I'd had a diver spend a day cracking a corral reef off of her in January, so the sea life wasn't too overwhelming when she was hauled last week. That's not to say she wasn't green. There were also a few oysters still hanging out on the keel.


I had my fingers crossed on the blister situation, but I was really worried about some delamination along the keel that had been reported by the diver. I actually didn't have any blisters at all, but sure enough, there was some ugly looking stuff going on with the keel.

For one thing, there was a big hole in the front of it. I'm guessing a previous owner must have hit something.

Hole in the keel!

Then there was cracking and delamination along the joint.

Superficial cracking

The good news was, the cracking was all superficial. There was no actual separation between the keel and the hull. The yard filled the hole with the lead filler and then ground out the cracked material and refaired it.


By the time they were finished, she looked great.

Bottom job

Bottom job

She was back home in her slip on Friday morning, but I was working the MS 150 charity ride all weekend, so I haven't gotten a chance to see if she feels faster yet.

She keeps looking better and better. People are starting to say, "Hey, that's a nice looking boat." I think she's actually becoming a respectable vessel.


And there won't be anymore jokes about her dirty bottom.

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