Monday, April 02, 2012

Three weekends with no breakdowns!

Despite dreary forecasts of thunderstorms and wimpy 2 knot winds, we had an amazing sunny weekend in Houston. I took people out on the Starwind 27 for the third weekend in a row. AND for the third weekend in the row, she ran and sailed great with no breakdowns, electrical fires, coast guard boardings or other little emergencies that had been the norm the first two seasons of her restoration. I spent Friday doing some more small repairs and clean-up work. Once all the tools were stowed, she didn't look half bad. I wish I had more before and after shots to show, but I didn't do a good job documenting the mess that existed when I bought the boat. However, here is one that happened to somewhat match up. I just finished the mirrors this weekend.


I also did some more work with acrylic and made a new cover for the control panel as the old one was too yellowed to see through. It was rather distracting having to open it up every couple of minutes to check depth, engine temp, etc. Now I just need to add an on/off switch to the control panel for the depth gauge, and it will be finished.

The new compass is on the binnacle.
It points South instead of North.

And the cabin is looking about as clean and ship shape as it ever has.
Untitled Untitled

I'm ordering smoked acrylic and sealant to replace the four fixed ports next.
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