Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Maybe it was a cliche move, maybe it's now tradition, but we this Memorial Day weekend we did the exact same thing we did last year. We sailed to Redfish Island, had a picnic and then sailed home.

Memorial Day weekend

The only difference was that this year there was much less anxiety over whether or not the Seahorse would get us home. We also thought hard about spending the night on the hook, but I still hadn't fixed the anchor light and we had the dogs with us.

Anchored at Redfish Island

The dogs did very well on the boat. They spent most of the time sleeping on the cockpit floor. However, they won't pee on the boat, and we don't have a dinghy to take them ashore at Redfish. The alternative would have been swimming them to shore for bathroom breaks, which didn't sound too appealing to me. We decided to sail home into the sunset (because that's what legendary people do, they sail into sunsets) and spend our first night on the hook another time.

Shark bait

Hoisting sails and pulling up anchors wore me out, so Sunday we slept late and lounged around the pool all day. Our friends hosted a shrimp boil - there was lots of food and beer for everyone.

Monday it was back to work. I was up the mast before it got hot and managed to change the steaming light and install the windex, but the screw on the anchor light had rusted beyond removal. I have to go back up next weekend with a dremel tool to finish the job.

Changing the anchor light

Climbing the mast is exhausting. I reach around the mast and use the main halyard to pull myself up, then squeeze the mast with my legs while I take a new grip on the halyard and go for another pull. By the time I get to the top, my arms are shaking. Makes me think it might be worth the cost of installing folding steps on the mast or an electric windlass to haul me up. So many opportunities to sink money into a boat.

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