Thursday, June 07, 2012

Death of a camera

It always gets me when a piece of equipment dies.

Sometimes it's irritation because it turned out to be cheap crap that never worked right. However, in this case, it's like saying goodbye to an old friend. My Canon HF100 got splashed with seawater while we were out sailing a couple weekends ago. It seemed fine at the time, and it kept on recording, but now the screen is dead.

I can't complain about the Canon's quality. It has crossed the Atlantic more than once and definitely outlived its expected useful life. Although it's four years old, the recordings still hold up against the new DSLR video cameras. And unlike the DSLRs that top out at 20 minutes due to sensor heat, the HF100 can shoot over four hours of continuous footage. However, the primitive 17 mbs AVCHD codec is a bit clunky and newer cameras are shooting at 24 or even 32 mbs.

I'm upset to lose a piece of equipment in such a stupid manner, and I'm upset that I'll eventually have to spend the money to buy another camcorder. But the real feeling of loss is in all the movies and video blogs and DIY videos that I had planned to make when I scraped together the money to buy the Canon four years ago.

Sure, I made a few. The four DIY videos I actually got around to making have totaled more than 100,000 views on YouTube. There were just so many more I had planned to make. So many ideas for short films that had originally hinged on the purchase of this camera that never came to fruition.

I feel like I owe an apology to the Canon for letting it sit so many months at a time and never following through on the plans we made together.

RIP buddy. You were a soldier.

In memory, here's a video from way back when the Canon was young. (The horrible timing and off-key singing were my fault, not the Canon's.)

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