Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First roll through the Rollei

It took me almost a week to finish my first 12-shot roll of 120 film on the recently acquired Rolleicord IV. Of course, it might have gone faster had I remembered to wind the film and not just the shutter for the first five or 10 exposures. Almost all of the shots I took with model Amanda Jacobs on Friday ended up in this one frame.

  Rolleicord accident

Lesson learned. I found the shutter lock that requires the film to be wound before it can be released, and at least I know that double exposures will be easy to accomplish with this little machine.

Luckily I realized my mistake before the shoot was completely over, so at least I got a couple of single exposures before she left.

Rolleicord Portrait

Yes, the Rollei lens is quite sharp, and the shutter is working great at all speeds. It was a much better result than what I got with the Kodak Duaflex.

I took it along to Redfish Island but unfortunately I was so busy with the boat work that I forgot to take any shots with it. However, the novelty of the TLR made picture taking exciting enough that Mary volunteered to take my photo on the way home.

Sailing home

The waste-level finder with a nicer viewing screen arrived last night, so stay tuned for instructions on how to replace and clean the finder. I'm ordering new vulcanite from cameraleather.com this afternoon, so detailed instructions on that operation should be coming soon as well.

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