Tuesday, June 05, 2012

One switch left

I snapped this photo of the fuse panel the day I bought the Starwind 27. Three years later it has been sanded, stained and varnished. The hinges were fixed, so it doesn't hang open with wiring spilling out any longer.

When I started, not a single circuit worked. Now, each switch matches the boast of the label printed beside it with the corresponding action -- except one. The switch to the anchor light. It would work. The electricity is there. I just can't seem to get back up the mast to put a new bulb in the socket.

It's really eating at me. I've never been so close to having EVERYTHING working.

I'm resolved to changing that bulb this weekend no matter what.

Even if there's lightning storm and hurricane force winds, I'm going to get that bulb changed!

Ok, maybe not if the weather is bad, but SOON. I swear it!
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