Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Relishing relics

Leica lenses are not cheap, nor are they particularly easy to come by with waiting lists for new models and eBay battles for the classics. You can imagine my surprise when a friend at work mentioned he had a couple Leica lenses sitting at home that he'd never used and asked me if I'd like to shoot with them.

Of course it didn't turn out to be a 50mm Nokton or a 35mm Summilux, but it's always fun to try something new, and I was delighted when a few days later he dropped a 135mm f4.5 and a 35mm f3.5 by my office. Unfortunately, both lenses have fallen prey to the dreaded haze and fungus, but we'll see if they can be rehabilitated by Professional Camera Repair.

I can't yet comment on the picture quality of the 35mm f3.5, but the size is amazing! It's so small it practically makes the M a pocket camera.


While I didn't get to shoot with the new lenses yet, I was in the mood to take a walk with the Leica, so I threw on my 135mm Elmarit and hiked around the block. The crape myrtles are in full bloom.

Summer is here

And when the crape myrtles bloom, you know it's summer in Houston -- as if the 100-degree heat wasn't a dead giveaway.
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