Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anybody seen this bracket?

Sometimes working on the boat makes me feel a bit like a forensic scientist or an archaeologist. I try to decipher what's there and then dig through boxes and boxes of old parts that may or may not have ever been on the boat the start with, trying to find a match.

Mystery bracket

I know the boom had a bracket on it where the boom vang is supposed to attach. I know it was flat and had three holes on each side. I just don't know where to find it. I've been digging through boxes in my garage and spare bedroom for days hoping to come across it. Meanwhile, I found a somewhat similar bracket on rigrite.com but it still doesn't look like quite the same footprint.

Worst case scenario, I drill a new hole in the boom and stick a boom bail on it. I would just rather not buy new hardware if I can avoid it.

Meanwhile the cockpit table is creeping along at a snail's pace.

First coat of varnish finished

I finally have the first coat of varnish on it. Only seven more coats to go. Since I can only do one coat every 24 hours, and I have to put a coat on each side, that's 14 more days of varnishing. Slowest project EVER.
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