Monday, July 23, 2012

Enough with the urine already!

When I opened up the boat Friday afternoon, I really hoped that the vent I'd installed a couple weeks ago would be making a difference in regard to the moldy smell.

I had big plans for the weekend. The Simrad WP32 Wheel Pilot had arrived, and I had hoped to get it installed.

New Simrad Wheel Pilot

(As you can see, Dixie Belle was also very excited although somewhat skeptical about letting a robot steer the boat. I blame her distrust of robots on the Roomba.)

Unfortunately, the moldy smell was still there -- along with the unmistakable stench of urine.

It was back. I've already gone through this twice this year trying to track down whatever was leaking in my holding tank system. I had double clamped everything. Why, oh why, was I having to pump urine out of the bilge again?

Dry rot. It turns out it wasn't the holding tank or the pump-out hose connections leaking at all. It was the hose right off the toilet. When people weren't pumping it dry, the waste was sitting and slowly seeping out of that hose.

I spent another six hours of my life cleaning, bleaching, pulling and replacing hoses, and cleaning again. I think the smell is gone. I think the waste system is now sealed and working again. I pumped some seawater through it, and nothing leaked while I was there, but I was too exhausted with the entire thing to actually use it and risk more urine next weekend.

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