Monday, July 09, 2012

Independence Day

Having the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday combined with our 9/80 office schedule brought me a full 5 days off in return for one vacation day. It was quite nice, and it all started with boat bargains.

I followed up a craigslist ad and came across this and this.

Aries self steering wind vane

Shipmate propane stove

The top photo is an Aries Self-Steering Wind Vane. Below that is a Shipmate propane oven.

I got absolutely great deals on both, but in retrospect, perhaps my eyes got too big for my boat. After measuring my galley, I would have to completely replace the current counter tops and cut out some fiberglass to make the oven fit. That would also sacrifice all of the storage in the galley -- not to mention the fact that it's way too hot to be heating up a boat with an oven in Houston until probably around October.

As for the Aries Wind Vane, it's in beautiful shape, but it weighs about 50 pounds. Having another 50 pounds hanging off my transom when it's already squatting so far into the water under power is probably not smart. I'm also going to lose my swim ladder and easy access on and off the boat -- not to mention the fact that it would cover up my beautiful Seahorse.


Of course, I don't have to make a decision now. The wind vane is missing the servo rudder, and the oven needs a new thermostat. It might be a while before either one is operating and ready to go in the boat.

I started working on the oven, but after opening the thermostat housing, I'm completely stumped at how it goes back together.

Shipmate Robert Shaw switch back thermostat

That spring, that lever, and that stopper exploded out of it when I broke the seal, and I can't seem to find a diagram anywhere online regarding how they fit together. I'm going to have to start tracking down old appliance repair guys.

I did get a little bit of work done on the boat. I finally installed the vent.

Step 1
New vent: step 1

Step 2
New vent: step 2

Step 3
New vent: step 3

I'll let you know if she smells any less moldy when I open her up next weekend.
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