Monday, July 02, 2012

Added another switch to the panel

It rained most of the weekend. It was a nice break from the heat, but the thunderstorms weren't conducive to sailing. However, I did get a waterproof toggle switch wired into the control panel for the depth finder. We can now keep it on while sailing or flip it on in the middle of the night to check the depth without waking up everyone in the entire anchorage with buzzers and alarms.

West Marine charged me $25 for that "water resistant" toggle switch. Considering a normal toggle switch is about 50 cents at Radio Shack, this one better last forever. I also hope that's the last switch or gauge I need to add because I'm out of space.

Our neighbor's motor boat, the Tina Marie, was back from the hard after getting her bottom painted and the starboard transmission rebuilt. We hitched a ride between storms Saturday afternoon to see how she ran, but she lost cooling on the starboard engine about the time another storm hit, so we slowly  limped back to the marina in the rain. It was an adventure.

Hopefully we'll be anchored out for fireworks Wednesday night.

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