Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sometimes you should check the scale

No, not the bathroom scale ... although I should probably check that more frequently. I'm talking the size of things. When you're staring at tiny photos on the Internet, with no frame of reference, it's hard to gauge size. That's how I ended up with these 3-3/4" swivel snap shackles.

Swivel snap shackles

Do you know how large a 3-3/4" shackle is on a 5/16" line? It's rather comical. It will also probably scar up my mast, break a window, and give someone a concussion before the season is over.

On the upside, these shackles were only $9 a piece. After I re-ordered three more $9 2.5" shackles from a different eBay seller, I was still only into the entire project for $60, which is roughly the cost of one single small shackle at West Marine.

Now that I've shackled out my spinnaker halyard, topping lift and downhaul, the only thing that is standing between us and flying that kite is schedules and weather.

As you may remember we encountered water spouts on our first attempt. Last weekend I spent a day at Banana Bend with my friends on the Tina Marie instead of sailing. I know, another lost day, but we had a great time swimming in the fresh water of the San Jacinto River and grilling burgers. Plus, I got a chance to take some photos instead of driving the boat.

It's too bad I can't get the Seahorse under the bridges up to this place because I bet I could get a deal on it.


And this, of course, is our famous obelisk.


The Fred Hartman bridge is also an interesting landmark.


But honestly, I spent the entire trip wondering where I can find a serious sailor woman for the bow of my boat.


Hopefully I'll get to spend the entire weekend on the water, but unfortunately the forecast is predicting lots of rain.

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