Sunday, October 28, 2012

Film may finally be dead

I've been trying to keep it on life support, but it after today's experience, it may just be too expensive.

I threw a roll of Kodak 800 in the M3 last night to take some fun photos at the Halloween party. The surprise came when I attempted to drop it off at CVS this afternoon. The guy in the photo lab said, "Sorry, we don't develop film anymore." I drove down the road to Walgreens. Thankfully they do still develop film, but since CVS and Wal-Mart have scrapped their film business, Walgreens has doubled the price. It was almost $15 for one set of prints and a photo CD. When you add the cost of the film itself, it's almost $20 to shoot 24 exposures of color film.

Of course, then you post the photos you've taken, and everyone thinks you were just using Instagram on your phone.


But there's still something warm and magical in the texture and grain of film. I spent the afternoon finishing the roll, and I was shooting digital at the same time. I just couldn't duplicate shots like this with the digital camera.



The digital camera has its own advantages. It's sharper. It's more clinical. The color balance is more realistic. You can easily tell the difference.


Thankfully I can still develop black and white film at home, but I don't think it's worth investing in a C41 lab kit. I think I'll finish shooting the color film I've got and then kiss it goodbye.

So when was the last time you used film?
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