Sunday, October 07, 2012

I'm not always on a boat ...

My apologies for being absent from the blog for the past couple weeks, but despite what it may seem, I'm not always just hanging out on the boat and blogging.

A few weeks back I decided to dust off the six string and start getting a bit more serious with the music. No, I'm not back to playing shows, but I've committed to actually do some practicing and learn a new song each week. I've also been stopping by some open mics in the area.


My friend TJ was hosting open mic at Doghouse Pub in Spring, so I had to stop by and participate.


Then it was off to France for work.

Back in Paris

After a week in Paris (working EXTRA hard) I got to take an extra day to visit Versaille.

Some cheeseball at Versaille

And what trip to Paris would be complete without some kind of photo or video of the Eiffel Tower? Here you go.

I didn't say it was GOOD video. I just said it was a video.

After Paris it was two days at home before it was off to Tulsa, Oklahoma for my cousin's wedding. My brother, his girlfriend and I roadtripped it through Indian Territory.


Then we got our kicks.


And let me tell you, this wedding was something else. The reception was at the Philbrook Museum of Art, and I felt like I was in The Great Gatsby.

Doing my best impression of The Great Gatsby

But there was no rest after the wedding. Then it was off to College Station to film some model tests for work at the Offshore Technology Research Center.

This was the first video project where I've only used the Nikon D7000. I've still got a few focus issues to work out, but I'm pretty impressed with the video quality.

This week it's off to Chicago for a social media seminar. I'm going to learn to Facebook more effectively. That's right, my facebook is going to be in your face ... or something like that.

I did finally get to go sailing this weekend, but that's for another blog.

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