Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Ninety Nine Years 99 Pages: Leica Jubilee Book

I came home from work to find a large box on my doorstep. I couldn't remember ordering anything, so I took a look at the label and realized it said JAS Forwarding GmbH c/o Leica Camera AG.

It was a rather large box, so my heart skipped for a moment as I thought, what if some wealthy benefactor sent me an M9!

No such luck, BUT it was my Leica Jubilee Book

My Leica Jubilee Book arrived

Ninety Nine Years 99 Pages.

It's a cool book with lots of photos and diagrams documenting the history of Leica cameras and Leica in pop culture.

I entered the Leica Jubilee Self Portrait contest back in the spring, and I was one of the lucky photographers selected for inclusion.

I'm on page 52.

Leica Jubilee Book

Yes, it's just a small photo, and yes, there's an S on my face, but hey, I'm in a book with Henri Cartier-Bresson. Never thought that would happen.

Guess it's a little late to sell all my M gear and switch over to Canon now.

Thanks, Leica.

If you want to order your own copy and virtually flip through the pages, they can be found here:

Unfortunately, they do cost 99 Euros.
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